September 19, 2009

Net Worth

It's been a while since I've posted, the summer has been a whirlwind of adventure and activity and to tell you the truth there hasn't been a ton of progress on the debt elimination front. Although, I am reaching the 9-month mark of no credit card use!

I realized today I have never figured out my net worth. I did a (rough) calculation today and I am in the positive net worth zone. Here is how it works out:

Assets: Car $8,000, House (equity) $7,000, Stuff (very rough estimate) $1,500, Savings $650, 401K $4,150.

Liabilities: Car Loan $3,332.96, Student Loans $13,022.47

Subtract liabilities from assets and my total net worth is: $4,954.57

Also worth noting, I updated my NCN chart and I have increased my percentage of pay-off by a couple points this summer, I'll take it!

Hope everyone is doing well with their financial goals and enjoying the journey.

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